We don’t currently have a coach for Juniors.  We are working hard to remedy this and hope to re-instate the junior program in the 2021 fourth term.  

There are tournaments throughout the Lower Great Southern Zone for juniors wishing to play competitively.
Please register independently if you wish to enter any of these.

Information for Junior membership of the Denmark Country Club can be found on Membership Details

Hot Shots in Denmark

Tennis Hot Shots is Tennis Australia’s development program for primary school age children.

The program uses tailored equipment including smaller nets, racquets and low-compression tennis balls.

This ensures children are introduced to tennis in an environment which is suited to their age and skill level and makes learning tennis fun and easy.


  •   Players are registered as Junior Club Members by submitting their completed membership application form.  Online Nomination Form
  •   Please be aware that Junior Registration entitles members to play any time except during adult social or match sessions.


  • Tennis racquet (Club racquets are available on loan)
  • Hat
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen




Tennis Captain
0439 409 022