The Promotions Committee are pleased to present the new club polos.   There are two options with reverse colouring.

The requirement was for the polos to be black and white, however, we felt the need to incorporate a glint of something to make them stand out.

Advance orders are required in the first instance.

The fabric is a sport polyester, breathable, light-weight and good to launder without the need for ironing.   It is a polo sought after by sporting clubs across Australia.

It is stylish, slimming, dynamic and sporty.   It is called the ‘swoosh’ polo. 

A minimum order of 50 is required.  (Pre-orders can be made from club members) and the polos come in ladies and men’s styles but same design.

Long sleeve shirts will be made available at a later date, however, you can express your interest on this form.

Orders will take several weeks and close off for initial order orders will be  

14th May 2021. The club is keeping the price low to encourage orders – $45 ea


Promotions Committee

Chris Randall , Julie Ross, Jill Smith, Adrian Baer,  Graham Buckland