The Covid Sub Committee has held a meeting and has completed the clubs Stage 3 Covid Safety Plan .

This comes into effect on Saturday 6th June 2020.

Please note that there will be some limitations  still on everyone, but we hope that you are understanding that every effort is being made for your safety.


Main Points:

  • ENTRY to the club will be through either the main door or the Tennis door.  EXIT will be through the Sprig Bar sliding Doors.
    Sanitiser is provided, please be mindful of personal hygiene
  • EVERYONE must be seated, NO standing
  • TABLE SERVICE only , no one is to approach the Bar. The staff will get to you as soon as they can. EFTPOS preferred
  • Maximum 4 people per table, ( 1.5m social distancing still needed at all times)


  • Player/Visitor Registration – There is a clipboard (near the Blackboard) for you to sign in
    If you are registered in a competition there is no need to fill out as your details are in the system
    EVERY social game/practise or Club entry will have to be recorded. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • If you are a volunteer, you will need to complete the AHA Hospitality & Hygiene COVID-19 Hygiene Course

Takes about 60 mins (if you watch all the videos

It is a good education tool for those who also are a bit complacent with the situation.

Please email me (  ) your certificates when they come for filing.

  • Golf registrations will still remain online until further review by the Golf Section

Further information

  • Occupational safety and health information is available on the WorkSafe website

Graham Buckland

For and on the behalf of the Covid -19 Sub Committee