Following the WA Government’s cautious easing of restrictions which as of yesterday provided for a maximum of 10 persons in an approved gathering situation (which golf and tennis are deemed appropriate as are forms of exercise), I advise as follows:

  • Doubles play for tennis is now able to be accommodated for;
  • Playing groups of three or four persons is now able to be accommodated for (ideally no more than this due to place of play etc).

 The above is all on the premise that social distancing and good hygiene practices are always adhered to .

 For those that are not aware of the easing of restrictions and/or what that means, below is the link to the WA Government’s FAQ publication:
Closure and Restriction Limit the Spread Directions No.2 26-04-20

Happy tennis and golfing for those who are partaking in light of their own personal circumstances.

Annette Harbron
A/President (28/04/20)