Denmark ladies golf hosted the prestigious Golf WA Women’s Regional Seniors event on May 2 and 3 which saw 185 women from all around the State play 36 holes of Stableford over two days in glorious autumn weather.

With something of a home course advantage, the overall winner of the 2019 Britannia Cup with the best score of 74 points over the two days was our own Lesley Owen.

Heather Falconer was third overall in purple division with 64 points while Angela Tillier won the grass greens purple division with 61 points.

Lesley and Heather also won the teams event in purple division with the best two scores from a club on day one with  scores of 37 and 37. And Margaret Middleton won the day two prize with 30 points.

Hess Anderson of Walpole Country Club was runner up in the sand greens purple division with 54 points.

The visiting golfers whose average age was 72 were impressed by Denmark’s hospitality and facilities and were out and about shopping locally when not hitting the fairways.

Lesley Owen

Lesley Owen and Heather Falconer

Heather Falconer

Margaret Middleton

Angela Tillier