Members Information

The Denmark Country Club is an incorporated body which operates under the Constitution approved by members at a General Meeting held on 7th November 2011.

Denmark Country Club Constitution


Denmark Country Club Membership Options

To become a member of Denmark Country Club, please complete and print out the Denmark Country Club Nomination Form.

This should be countersigned by 2 club members and submitted with your nomination fee to the Denmark Country Club Committee for approval.


Golf Section    
Golf Membership   $550.00
Country Golf Membership (>75km radius)   $305.00
Country Golf Membership (with Denmark GolfLink Card)   $380.00
Junior Golf (under 18 yrs)   $50.00
Junior Golf with Tennis affiliation   $70.00
Junior Golf playing with seniors  – eligible for senior trophy   $260.00
Summer Golf Membership (01/12 – 31/03)   $175.00
Visitor playing with a member (9 holes/18 holes)   $15.00/$20.00
Golf membership with Tennis affiliation   $610.00
Tennis court hire for golf members   $3.00
Tennis Section    
Tennis Membership   $250.00
Country Tennis Membership (75km radius)   $110.00
Tennis Affiliation (Golf members playing competition tennis)   $90.00
Junior Tennis (under 18 yrs)   $20.00
Junior Tennis (to play with seniors)   $40.00
Adult or Coach to practice with junior   $25.00
Green Fees for tennis members (9 or 18 holes)   $15.00
Golf Buggy and Cart Storage Fees
Buggy   $53.00
Bike   $70.00
Quad Bike   $165.00
Petrol Cart   $165.00
Electric Cart   $220.00
*all buggy shed space hire also requires a one-off key fee of $5.00    
Social Membership   $35.00